疲れたなー、しんどいなー、きついなー、大変だなー さまざまな思いを抱えておられることと思います。










Welcome to the Self-Quest !

The growth of our soul is brought to us through our feelings and senses. Our feelings and senses are the entrance to the Self-Quest. Observing what is inside you, mostly your feelings, is a key to open that door.

My counseling is based on consciousness which comes from an insightful observation of myself followed by a loving and caring work toward my own egos.

I do have egos as I am a human being. However, I do take care of my own egos. I love them. I cherish them. I’ll never try to delete them or cover them up with my thoughts.

Who is this “I” taking care of the egos ? The answer is the True-Self.

My counseling will help your True-Self grow through the work I provide.

Please know that you will only evolve from practice with your own effort. Reading books or attending seminars won’t help. You actually need to do it. Like that tagline “Just do it !”.

In order to activate the True-Self, there is a work called a “dialogue”. Through this work, your True-Self will talk to your pattern.

Our daily life provides so many exercises for the Self-Quest. Because, a lot happens at home, at workplace, at store, at school, etc. right ? Let’s turn every incident into the exercises ! Observe what is happening in you. Feel it. Find and learn about your pattern and activate your True-Self to love your patterns.